Western Massachusetts Association
for Paranormal Studies.

"Nothing Is Beyond The Realm Of Possibility."

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Andrew Mullen
Lead Investigator

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About WMAPS 

Hello! We are the Western Massachusetts Association for Paranormal Studies. Also known as W.M.A.P.S. Our goal is to understand and help our clients understand the realm of the paranormal. Our team includes highly professional individuals who are led by members with many years of experience, and will always provide ANY help that is needed, in a timely manner. 

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 WMAPS is currently looking for energetic and excited individuals to join our investigative team, if your interested in becoming a member of WMAPS please click the following: 


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We are always looking for new clients. If you have a home, business or any other location you would like us to investigate please email us at wmapsinvestigators@gmail.com and provide:



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This ticker is designed to show you how long WMAPS has been investigating, some investigators have been investigating longer, some shorter, this is a ticker for when the group became established. Thank You.